About me

Hello everyone, I am Elisenda Amorós a makeup & hair artist based between London and Barcelona.

I was born in a town near Barcelona where I enjoy the sea and the mountains. The brushes accompany me from an early age, so makeup and drawing are my day to day.

As a professional I love juicy skin, natural looks that reflect health. At the time of creating I do not have a definite style, I just let myself go in every new project.

Professional Info

Clients like: Nissan, Nestle, Volkswagen, Oppo, Bezeq, Rabat, J roca jewelers, Bayer, Hotel Arts, Agatha Paris, Paloma Wool

Magazines like: Vogue Portugal, La vanguardia, L'Officiel, Marie-Claire, Elle and Harper's, Neo2.

Celebrities: Dan Brown, Miranda Makaroff, Elisabeth and Clara Mas, Luis Suárez, Santi Millán,

Àlex Domenech, Stephen James, Lluís Homar, Celina Locks, Ruth Llopis, Benja Bruijning.